Granite Bay-Rocklin Test Prep was started in 2004 by Granite Bay High teachers Scott Becker and David Tastor. As two teachers passionate in their owns field, the ACT and SAT® exams matched them with just that — math and English.

We're a small, local test prep provider

David Tastor and Scott Becker started Granite Bay-Rocklin test prep as an affordable, effective way for students to get ACT and SAT® preparation. As teachers experienced in Advanced Placement® and International Baccalaureate® courses, you could say they are very passionate about what they teach and can be considered masters of their own craft.

They have been teaching their subjects for much of their lifetime, understand how students think and have been commended for their excellent teaching skills.

No need to compromise with our test prep

When it comes to getting the same quality* preparation as every test prep course offered by Granite Bay-Rocklin Test Prep, we've got you covered. The only teachers in our test prep courses are Scott Becker and David Tastor, and their students know they're good at what they do.

With us, it'll be like learning straight from researchers who heavily understand what the SAT® exam needs for success.

We believe keeping our test preparation program small is crucial for providing good test prep to students.

*Consistent quality does not imply that a student will get the scores desired on their SAT®/ACT®, nor does it imply that students are guaranteed to get a better score. Real test performance is the responsibility of the student, not the the instructors of Granite Bay-Rocklin Test Prep.

How we think we can help

Our class can give you a solid perspective on the SAT® exam. We help you tackle each section with practice and instruction. Our course is content based. Therefore, we teach the content needed to be successful with the strategies we teach, or that you might already use. However, it is our belief that without the content knowledge, the strategies can only be minimally useful.

Courses with Granite Bay-Rocklin Test Prep can help to improve your chances of getting the scores you want.*

*Please note it is the responsibility of the student to perform as desired on the SAT®/ACT®, not the responsibility of the instructors for Granite Bay-Rocklin Test Prep.



Meet your instructors. They're highly-qualified high school teachers who have taught for many years in the subjects the SAT® exam covers.


Scott Becker

Granite Bay HS Math Teacher

Mr. Becker has 20 years of teaching experience as a Math teacher, 14 years teaching honors, AP®, and IB® Math classes. He has 14 years of SAT® and ACT® preparation experience. Mr. Becker is the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year for the Roseville Joint Union HIgh School District.


David Tastor

Granite Bay HS English Teacher

Mr. Tastor has 21 years of teaching experience as an English teacher, 19 years teaching honors, AP®, and IB® English classes. He has 14 years of SAT® and ACT® preparation experience.

Our Philosophy

We wanted to create a test prep course that was more in favor of the students. We teach for the enjoyment. That's what we think makes us a great option in this business.

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